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Alternative Energy Services

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Most often, when people think of renewable energy, connotations of eco-friendliness and green living come to mind. Rightly so. Environmentalism, however, needn’t be your only incentive for switching to an alternative energy source. In many cases, renewable energy can actually be an economically-wise lifestyle choice as well. With fuel and electicity prices rising by the day, alternatives such as solar and wind power can be quite attractive.

For island properties that must otherwise rely on imported fuel, having a self-sustaining source of energy on-site is even more desirable.

How do you go about providing your property with this sort of an energy source?

A company that we particularly like, which specializes in renewable energy installations, is Alternative Energy Services (AES). Located in Orlando, Florida, their firm works with a range of consumers – residential, commercial governmental, and industrial –and offers a wide variety of services including solar, wind, generators, lighting, security, water current power, and energy efficient appliances.

Of particular interest to island home or cottage owners is AES’s work with residential solar energy. Most impressive is how seamlessly their installations fit with the original architecture of the homes. In this way, AES demonstrates that renewable energy can be, in addition to environmentally-conscientious and cost-efficient, also aesthetically pleasing.

To learn more about the company’s philosophy and areas of expertise, visit their website:

For those interested in learning a little more about the science behind renewable energy, AES provides a simple, comprehensive explanation and diagram of how a solar energy installation might work:

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